Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 8

Today's project post is the journal tag. I had made this Inspiration Box a while fact I believe the very first project post on my blog was this box? I have made several cards to go inside with clippings of inspiration written on them but have since decided to make journal card tags to include in the box that I can personally write on. Being that a New Year has arrived...I think now is a great time to start 2012 off to a very inspiring start!

The Art Philosophy image cut-outs used today were:
  1. The Fleur de lis tag found on pg. 68 of the AP handbook
  2. The decorative scalloped edge on pg. 66
  3. The swirl butterfly on pg. 55
Now I am off to write something inspiring that will motivate me to accomplish my goals in the New Year! What's some of your goals you hope to work on in 2012?


  1. wow what an neat concept love the idea of an inspiration box....your tag is sooo pretty!

  2. Thank-you my dear friend! It's sitting up on my shelf in my playroom inspiring me to create more pretties to share with all of you! I can't convince myself to open the box back up since I tied the "perfect" bow and don't want to mess it up retying it!