Monday, January 30, 2012

-Kimberly's Spring Fling Blogaversary-

Welcome to Kimberly's Blogaversary. She's tired of winter and thought it was time for a "Spring Fling"!!! She's asked for the crafters to do something that reflects birth which is what Spring means to her in pastel and floral colors!

We have a wonderful group of sponsors! Please take the time to stop and visit each one of the them as they have graciously donated their talent for this hop.

  1. Creative Kut ~ $10 gift Certificate ( )
  2. KaDoodle Bug Designs ~ $20 Gift Certificate ( )
  3. Mickie Burks Osman ~ a paper pack and some stamping goodies
  4. Lucy Kelleher ~ Close To My Heart ~ December Stamp of the Month (
  5. Nikki Schiltz Calmes ~ Paper Piecings by Nikki ~ $25 credit to Paper Peicings by Nikki ( )
  6. Scraptastical Kreations ~ $20 Gift Certificate ( )

There are a lot of great gardeners along the path, so this hop is two days, so... sit back, relax and take your time browsing each garden. To be eligible for the blog candy, you must follow Kimberly’s blog. Other bloggers may have additional requirements if they offer individual blog candy.

*Please if you've just joined in via my blog I don't want you to miss a single Spring Project so please start at the beginning of Spring Fling over at Kimberly's Blog (

For my Spring themed project I created an altered BirdHouse. I just LOVE the way pink and blue look together so I went with this color combo for my BirdHouse. Once the paint dried I stamped all four sides of the birdhouse with branches and then stamped pink cherry blossoms. The cute rubber stamp that I used is by "Impress" that I picked up at a local rubber stamp shop in my area. After stamping the bird house I then added some bling to the center of the blossoms! All the crystal and pearl opaque dots are from Close To My Heart.

I've added some gorgeous ribbon and trimmings along with some pink teardrop shaped gems that I found all at my local craft store. I also cut a few shapes like the swirl butterfly and hanging sign from the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge which is sold exclusively through Close To My Heart. Oh and in case you are wondering...yes, that is a glass candle holder that I used for a stand which I picked up at the Goodwill store for under $2 dollars.

I hope you like it!

~ Enjoy!

Your next stop along the way on the garden path is :

Michele Eickholt ~

Thanks for Hopping A long with us!!! ~Come back for a visit anytime!


**Just in case you get lost along the way ~
Our wonderful line-up is:
  1. Kimberly Pate ~
  2. Kari Sanchez ~
  3. Lisa Peters ~
  4. Mickie Osmon ~
  5. Audrey Dickinson (Scrappie EMT) ~
  6. Tiffany Grant-Simmons ~
  7. Lynne Kirsch -
  8. Marleen Gallagher -
  9. Pamela Pattison Lash -
  10. Tricia Colon ~
  11. Michele Eickholt ~
  12. Staci McD ~
  13. Katie ~
  14. Lucy Kelleher -
  15. Lisa Woodward ~
  16. Melissa Deuss -
  17. Elecia Betts -
  18. Leslie Dawn Bigam-Krochta -
  19. Mary Finstrom
  20. Christine Oxner
  21. Jessica Owens

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 30

Today I created a door hanger to give as a gift to that smart & special student in your life. I used some of the "Typeset" paper by Close To My Heart that I absolutely LOVE! This paper makes for a fun school layout and other school themed projects. I covered a mini notebook with some "Typeset" paper and I also wrapped a pencil. And of course I used a few stamps from CTMH as well. I think this will make a great gift for a student.

Today's Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge cut-outs are :
  1. The Door Hanger on pg. 25 of the AP handbook
  2. The Rectangle Tag also on pg. 25

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 29

Hello to you all and thanks for stopping by to see what I've created. Today I made a sweet little gift bag using more of the pretty paper from Sassafras. I absolutely LOVE their paper! And don't you just LOVE the pink ribbon? I got some Pajamas for Christmas and this lovely pink ribbon tied the two piece PJ set together in a bundle. So of course I saved it and glad I was able to use it on this cute project.

Today's Art Philosophy cut-outs are:
  1. The Gift Bag on pg. 23 of the AP handbook
  2. The Rectangle Tag on pg. 65
  3. The Citrus Circle Tag also on pg. 65

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 28

Hello everyone! Thank-you so very much for stopping by my Blog for a's so nice of you to join me! Well, today I would like to share with you a little mini album that I've created. This is a book that I've started over half a year ago and put it aside but being that Valentine's Day is coming up I figured I should get it back out and FINALLY complete it!!! This front cover was pretty much the only page that I had completed with the rest on the inside pages covered with paper but no pictures or embellishments. I don't have any Art Philosophy cut-outs on the front since I didn't have the cart back when I started this.

*Please view the next post for the inside pages!

Today's Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge cut-outs are :
  1. The Tag found on pg. 26 of the AP handbook
  2. The Heart also found on pg. 26
  3. The Scalloped Square Layer on pg. 33
  4. The Ticket Tag Rectangle on pg. 25

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 27

Today's Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge creation is little Valentine's themed cards. I used cute "Sassafras" paper to create these adorable cards. Also used my Pin Frog the first time today. It's that spikey metal thing that is holding up my card. I've seen them being used in quite a few card displays and thought that would be a nice addition to my collection! Got mine at Michael's for under $2 dollars since I was able to use a 50% off coupon...I LOVE coupons!!!!

Today's Art Philosophy cut-outs are :
  1. The Heart Card featured on pg. 26 of the AP handbook
  2. The Heart also on pg. 26

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 26

Greetings & Welcome! Today I created some special mood lighting for that very Romantic evening coming up next month for all you lovers out there! ~ Ooh La La!!!

I know...I know....I have been asked many times how to make these. I featured 2 of my lanterns the first time I did a Project-A-Day over on my FACEBOOK PAGE back in Nov. I promise...I will have a video for you uploaded on Monday! Although I am a bit hesitate cause they really are quite easy and I feel embarrassed that you're going to laugh once you find out just how really simple they are to make. ~ LoL

Today's Art Philosophy cuts were :
  1. The Layer Rectangle feature on pg. 44 of the AP handbook
  2. The Swirly Hearts on pg. 69

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 25

Hello there! For today's creation using the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge I created these fun little goodie bags for my daughter and her cousins to enjoy. I used some mini ziplock bags that I had in my stash from used up products...I knew they would serve a purpose after using up all the contents inside!

Today's Art Philosophy Shapes are :

  1. The Heart featured on pg. 26 of the AP handbook
  2. The Postage Stamp cut-out {in black} pg. 24
  3. The Swirly Heart on pg. 69
  4. The top flap on the smaller bag I used the image found on pg. 55

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 24

I made the card box yesterday and today I created 2 Valentine's Day LOVE themed cards to go inside. I used the Cosmo Cricket paper line "Hey Sugar" that I had bought several years back and just now getting around to using it.

Today's Art Philosophy Cartridge cut-outs are :
  1. The Card featured on pg. 55 {the BLISS card}
  2. The Card on pg. 33 {the Do You Love Me? card}
  3. The Heart shapes featured on pg. 26

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 23

Today I decorated a box by Cosmo Cricket. I also used some of their paper from several years back for my project. I just LOVE this paper don't you?! This is how I altered the box on the outside and on the inside.... that will have to be a secret saved until tomorrow. {wink wink}

Today's Art Philosophy cut-outs used were :
  1. The Decorative Layer window frame on pg. 42
  2. The Swirl decor also on pg. 42
  3. The Heart on pg. 26
  4. The letter "I" font on pg. 38
  5. The letter "U" font on pg. 37

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 22

Hi everyone! Thank-you for stopping by my blog for a visit. Today I created these little lollipop holders for Valentine's Day. I was planning on making 24 of these for my daughter to take to class but I decided maybe to hold off on that idea since the little ones won't appreciate my pretty paper. So I figured I'll keep them at home with me in my scrapbook playroom for my visitors which by the way is usually only my daughter and hubby. ~ LOL

Today's Art Philosophy cut-outs used were :
  1. The envelope cut out on pg. 29 of the AP handbook
  2. The hearts on pg.26
  3. The heart card also on pg. 26

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 21

I am so excited to finally use this cute little stamp that my mom had bought me when she was in Hawaii. She is so Stinkin' Cute!!! This stamp along with 4 new Copic markers was still in the bag as it was given to me and tucked underneath some piles of Scrapbook supplies. I un-earthed it while trying to organize. ~ Enjoy and Aloha!

Today's Art Philosophy cut-outs were :
  1. The Card found on pg. 28 of the AP handbook
  2. The 3 flower cut-outs also on pg. 28
Mahalo for stopping by!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 20

Today I created this 3-D heart shaped wall decor to hang on my daughter's door. I decided that I'm going to put her Valentine's Day cards inside for safe keeping. I was going to use it as a candy container but I have enough of those so I then came up with this plan. I also used the "Center Point" feature on the Cricut machine to cut-out the center heart window that I made into a shaker.

Today's Art Philosophy cut-outs were :
  1. The 3-D Heart on pg. 26 of the AP handbook
  2. The Heart cut-out also on pg. 26

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Have an Obsession With Tim Holtz ~

I have a little secret to tell you! Come in a little bit closer.
I'm obsessed with Tim Holtz! Shhh...don't tell anyone!!!

I absolutely LOVE his flair for style. I must admit my collection is a bit excessive. I have a whole drawer dedicated to just his doo-dads and embellishments. I also have quite a collection of his stamp sets and paper packs as well. I have been collecting for quite some time now and I am VERY excited that a lot of the major chain stores carry his stuff now which means I can use a coupon! Yay!!!
One of my MUST-HAVE items is his Foundation Box Feet. It adds so much spice to a project! It is something that I carry in my supplies always! I used these on my "Rock the Block" set a few days ago. I'll be sure to point out in my projects when I use his stuff so you too can become obsessed with his things as well. ~ LOL

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 19

Today's project was inspired by Tanya Adams' lion picture frame that she had posted to the "Made This With My Cricut" group page on Facebook. I LOVED her cute frame idea that she had made for her Grandson that I went out the next day to pick-up a frame myself! I Loved her cute button idea that went around the heart picture cut-out so I did mine the same. And I was so excited that I could use my new stamp that says, "Cute As A Button". The paper that I used was a older line by Cosmo Cricket that I absolutely LOVE!

Today's Art Philosophy cut-outs were :
  1. The Scalloped Edges found on pg. 65 of the AP handbook
  2. The Top Note Frame also on pg. 65

I Got An Award!!!

Liebster blog award!!

I was the lucky recipient of this award given to me by the lovely Linda Harris...Thank-you so much!!! It was an honor to be recognized and I appreciate it very much!

The origins of the Liebster Blog award are somewhat unclear but the general consensus is that it originated in Germany, Liebster meaning favorite or dearest, to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Upon accepting the award the recipient must then pass it on to five more blogs of note.

My 5 Recipients for this special Blog Award goes to :
  1. Daisy~ *I Love her mini albums!
  2. Teresa~ *I love her cards!
  3. Michele~ *I love how organized she is
  4. Chrissy~ *New & upcoming artist
  5. Sam~ *I LOVE her Tim Holtz Tags!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 18

Hi Everyone! I made this Welcome sign to hang on my door to my Scrapbook playroom. It's something that I've been wanting to do for a long time but never got around to doing it. I still need to tweak it a bit before I am completely satisfied. But for the most part it's done and hanging up already. What's real cool about it is that I can stick magnets to it so I can add more embellishments without having to take it down and get the hot glue gun out. I wish I would've maybe added magnets to the back of the roses in case I want to change it out each season perhaps? But I do think that I'll like these colors for a while since it coordinates with my room decor. ~ and hopefully sometime soon I will be able to open that door and show you the rest of my craft playroom. {wink wink}

The Art Philosophy cut-outs for today's project were :
  1. The Font letters
  2. The roses on pg. 69

What's Your Vote?

I have been asked to make another video demonstrating some of my projects that I've created using the Art Philosophy Cartridge. So far these 4 have been the projects that were most requested. Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 17

I have to admit that today I wasn't feeling it at all. I just couldn't get inspired to create!? I flipped through my stack of magazines, looked at projects via the internet, scrolled through my saved files of "things I want to try", browsed through the Close To My Heart idea books and still ....nothing! I couldn't find my creative mojo? I think I had lost it somewhere? Well, I finally opened up my drawer of photos that I keep in my playroom that I want to use in a layout and this photo was calling out to me. I used this pic on my "Rock the Block" flip up window project and decided it needed to be shown off again!

I also think that I work better under pressure? I've noticed that a lot of my creations that are last minute come out better than ones that I have planned out? I suppose that 's because I have a vision in my mind of how I want to do things and once I get there I stumble and it doesn't work out like how I envisioned it in my head. So anyway... here is my Valentine's Day layout...

Today's Art Philosophy cut-outs that I used were:
  1. The Scalloped Square on pg. 54 of the AP handbook
  2. The Scroll Butterfly on pg. 55
  3. The Hearts on pg. 26
*Other supplies used were:
- paper from Cosmo Cricket
- Vintage lace bought at JoAnn's
- "Be Mine" sticker is from Cosmo Cricket as well
- The pewter frame is by Tim Holtz
- Pearl opaque dots are from Close To My Heart

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 16

Today's creation was inspired by a conversation I was having with a lovely gal on Facebook who is a soon to be Bride. We were chatting about the upcoming wedding and of course in the conversation the word "Tiffany" came up as in the FABULOUS jewelry Co. I was then inspired to create a cute little Wedding favor bag using the famous signature "Tiffany Blue" paper...or at least the closest blue I could find. Congrats on your BIG day coming up Andrea and I look forward to chatting with you some more about your Wedding plans!

The Art Philosophy cut-outs featured in today's project are:
  1. The Bag featured on pg. 23 of the AP handbook
  2. The Decorative Layer on pg. 32
  3. The Card on pg. 58

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 15

I made a little Valentine's Day themed pillow box for today's project. I used a pretty double sided paper that I had in my stash of supplies. It's striped creme & brown on one side and hot pink on the other side. I can't for the life of me remember what company this paper is from though? I used some love themed stamps by Close to My Heart and stamped it using the "Desert Sand" color ink.

Today's Art Philosophy cut-outs are :
  1. The Pillow box on pg. 28 of the AP handbook
  2. The Heart Card on pg. 26
  3. The Heart cut-out on pg. 26

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 14

I took a class at my local Scrapbook Store last year and made this book but never completed it in class. I wasn't fully satisfied the way the front cover turned out so I tweaked it a bit and added more flowers and embellishments. I think I finally got it to a point where I am now satisfied. The inside however is a progress in the making and will share more of the pages with you later once I have them completed.

Today's Art Philosophy cut-outs are :
  1. The Roses found on page 69 of the AP handbook
  2. The Ticket Stub on pg. 64
  3. The Swirl Butterfly on pg. 55
Other Close To My Heart products used were the Pewter Mini-Medley Frame, the Pearl Hat Pin and the stamped ticket that says, "Good for one Sentimental Journey".

"Rock The Block" Set

Hello Everyone! This is the awesome "Rock the Block" Set that I used in the making of my project yesterday. The set comes with the wooden block which is basic white to start off with for you to decorate as you wish. It includes an E size stamp set... the largest of all the Close To My Heart Exclusive stamp sets which is the size of a sheet of paper. You can have this cute duo set for only $15 when you place on order of $25 dollars or more on my website. This is a promotion that Corporate will be running up until January 31st ~ once the new Idea Book is released to the public on Feb. 1st just the Block alone will be $14.95 so now is the time to order!!!

So who is ready to "Rock the Block" with me?

*To view the picture larger :
  1. Click on the pic
  2. Once it opens up on a new page then right click it
  3. Click "View Image"
  4. It'll open a new page and a zoom button will appear as the cursor
  5. Click it to zoom and view the image on full screen for details.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 13

Who is ready to "Rock the Block" with me? I finally was able to complete my project today! I got my "Rock the Block" wooden set along with the coordinating stamp set about a month ago and was finally able to finish my creation! If you haven't already seen the Block set I will go ahead and upload a picture in the next post to show you what exactly it is and what it comes with. I have ideas on how I want to make my next Block set...but I am pretty satisfied with the way this little cutie turned out. I just need to find a stamp that says "As Cute As a Button" to add to this project and I will be a happy camper!

I made 5 of the cubes with a hidden window that has a picture of my little girl each one depicting a different personality hence the title of my block, "The Many Faces of Kai". I added a magnetic closure to each and some ribbon so you can pull up on it to open the hidden window. I hope you like it and please check back later to see my other "Rock the Block" creation.

Today's Art Philosophy Cut-outs are:
  1. The circle on pg. 21 of the AP handbook
  2. The Top Note on pg. 53
  3. The Decorative Layer Frame on pg. 55
  4. The Card on pg. 53
  5. The Rose on pg. 69

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 12

Today I made a magnetic book marker to go along with the Friendship card that I made a few days ago. It has a magnet that clamps onto the pages to hold your place in the book and keeps track of an important page you want to refer to later on. The pretty paper featured in this project is by Pink Paislee called "Love Blooms" from the "Sweetness" paperline collection.

The Art Philosophy Cut-Outs used were:
  1. The Scalloped border edge on pg. 65 of the AP handbook
  2. The File Tab on pg. 58

"What do you use to Roll Your Roses?"

I have been asked numerous times what I use to make my roses so tight. I have found this amazing little tool that does the trick! ~ And I have my new friend Carol to thank for introducing me to's called a "Quilling" tool. I got mine at Beverly's and would you believe the only ones they had could be found in the kids craft section. I asked the manager and she said that the only ones she saw in the store was part of a kids kit that came with a quilling book. I think it's perfect since the tip slit is wider than most. But I have seen them at Hobby Lobby but the slit is a lot tighter than mine. Hope that helps!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 11

I finally made myself my own calendar... something that I've been wanting to do for a while now! I even bought a kit from my local Scrapbook Super Store but have that still sitting in the bag waiting to be put to good use. I think I should hurry up and work on that one and perhaps give it to my Mother-in-Law for Mother's day but by that time...half the year will already be over? I guess I could just start off the calendar from May and end in April next year which would be the perfect time to give her the next calendar {wink wink} ? Just thinking ahead! Anyway, I absolutely LOVE Pink & Blue together as you can tell from my project posts lately. But keep in mind that this is just the page I did for the month of January and I still need to create 11 more pages to add in for the rest of the year! Please check back later to see what I come-up with for next month's calendar page.

I hope you like it!

The Art Philosophy Cut-outs from today's projects were :
  1. The Number fonts found on pg. 21 -30 in the AP handbook
  2. The arrow pointing to the month - pg. 64
  3. The Dragonfly found on pg. 24

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 10

Today I made a lovely Friendship card that I wanted to share with all of you! I can't make one for each of you so I decided to send it to you via blog post! I just wanted to thank every one of you for your friendship! I have met a lot of lovely ladies through the world of internet and I really do hope that I can meet some if not all of you in person one day! Thank-you so much for stopping by and leaving me comments. I don't get very much snail mail anymore aside from the Holiday cards & letters so reading your messages here on my blog and on Facebook really tickles me pink! I hope to continue chatting with you all and please stop by here on my blog or on my Facebook page for a visit anytime!

The Art Philosophy Cut-Outs for today's project are:
  1. The Card cut-out on pg. 55
  2. The Decorative tag cut-out on pg. 55
  3. The Swirl Butterfly cut-out also on pg. 55

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 9

I am very excited cause today I figured out how to make a gift bag with a cute little decorative window using the Art Philosophy Cartridge! I have been searching to see which cartridges feature gift bags with various decorative cut-out windows. Well...Art Philosophy has several cute boxes & bags that I love but wanted to figure out if I could cut out one of those images and then also add a window to it... this is what I came up with! ~ A Heart Shaker Valentine's Day Bag.

The Art Philosophy image cut-outs used today were:

  1. The bag on pg. 23 of the AP handbook
  2. The heart cut-out on pg. 26
  3. The Doily cut-out on pg. 68

A Warm Welcome to YOU!!!

Greetings Everyone! Let me just start off by saying that I am feeling very chipper today! This morning I got some exciting wanna know what it is? Well, I got my very first "Downline" which means a new Consultant with Close To My Heart chose to sign-up and have me be their "mentor". This is very exciting news cause I can now cross off one goal from my 2012 "To-Do" list! ~ I want to build up my own team of fabulous gals that I can work alongside with to create, share & inspire! So please help me welcome Miss Michele to my team! Let me just say, we are going to have so much fun and I am very excited to see where 2012 will lead us! ~ And if any of you are considering joining the Close To My Heart sisterhood please feel free to contact me...I would LOVE to help you get started with this wonderful Company!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 8

Today's project post is the journal tag. I had made this Inspiration Box a while fact I believe the very first project post on my blog was this box? I have made several cards to go inside with clippings of inspiration written on them but have since decided to make journal card tags to include in the box that I can personally write on. Being that a New Year has arrived...I think now is a great time to start 2012 off to a very inspiring start!

The Art Philosophy image cut-outs used today were:
  1. The Fleur de lis tag found on pg. 68 of the AP handbook
  2. The decorative scalloped edge on pg. 66
  3. The swirl butterfly on pg. 55
Now I am off to write something inspiring that will motivate me to accomplish my goals in the New Year! What's some of your goals you hope to work on in 2012?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 7

My oh my! I can't believe Christmas came 'n went just like that and now already decorating for Valentine's Day?! I visited two local craft stores this weekend looking for more pretty ribbon to use in a project and was inspired by all the glittered decorations! I was a bit late putting up the Christmas decor this year so I'm planning on leaving it up a few more weeks until I transition over to Valentine's Day. So today I made a Valentine's Day card.

The Art Philosophy Cut-outs used were :
  1. The Card on pg. 65 of the AP handbook
  2. The Swirl Filigree layer featured on pg. 59
  3. And of course the Rose cut-out on pg. 69
I also used one of the stamps that came in the December Stamp of the Month set.

Thanks for stopping by for a look! C-ya again real soon!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 6

I am real excited to share this project with you because it is something that is very dear to my heart! I've entitled this flip book, "Oh How I love Thee" which depicts the love between Daddy & Daughter! It's become a tradition in our house for my daughter to get dressed up in a special outfit to take Father's Day pictures with Daddy every year! I've had the pictures still sitting in the envelopes that they came home in from the portrait studio. So FINALLY I put this little book together and was able to use 2 of my favorite Daddy Daughter pics! It's been a project in the making that has taken quite some time but I think that I've finally gotten it to the point where I am satisfied with it. The Book is actually something that I got a while back from "Tattered Angels" and I've also used quite a few other products by them. I have even used their "Glimmer Mist" to give it that elegant shimmer. And of course I used a few different pretty ribbons that I have in my stash of supplies.

The Art Philosophy image cut-outs used in the project were:
  1. The Roses from pg. 69 of the AP handbook
  2. The Swirl Heart shapes on pg. 69 {as seen in image #2}
  3. The Swirl Butterfly image found on pg. 55 {as seen in image #4}