Wednesday, August 19, 2009

-Bee Mine-

I got a new stamp set that I wanted to try out. I really liked the way the envelope button tie came out. I was actually looking for envelopes that already had the figure eight tie closure on it but found this stamp instead. I'll have to get more creative with it so it pops out more. I'm really into the way pink and blue look together. I think you'll be seeing more of those colors in my next few layouts...until my mood changes and on to some other "flavor".

Monday, August 3, 2009

What's in the Bag?

My 1st visit to The Tattered House I had spent nearly an hour simply going from room to room admiring all it's beauty and doing some wishful thinking...if only I had a bigger home to decorate and more money to spend?! But for now, I was able to pick up a few cute items that put a smile on my face. The items that I am mostly happy about finding is the cigar boxes that I am going to alter


...introducing, "Lola"

From the moment I saw her I knew I had to have her. She was calling out to me! I know she doesn't look like much but once I dress her up a bit with a cute skirt and a little rose choker...I think she'll be quite the looker.

Stay tuned for the new & improved "Lola"

-A Hidden Gem So Close To Home-

This weekend I finally had a chance to stop by a little place that I've been wanting to visit for a long time. I've driven by it several times but never had the opportunity to make it into the store for a gander. The 1st time I saw the beautiful blue cottage I was absolutely mesmerized by it! And not only is it very appealing from the is even more stunning on the inside. I instantly fell in love the moment I stepped into the room. I am so happy that I went in when I did cause I got the opportunity to chat with one of the store owners when it wasn't too busy. She was an absolute delight...LOVE HER!!! I would really love to take pictures of the gorgeous cottage and all it's hidden treasures. Hopefully it will be ok with them.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guess What I Did Yesturday?

Well, you know me! It was Saturday so once again I was on the hunt for Garage sales. It started off a little bit slow in the beginning and I was kinda getting bummed that I hadn't stumbled onto any great finds yet. The 1st garage sale I walked away with just a few sheets of scrapbook paper and a cup of lemonade. Although I am not a big lemonade fan I still like to support the kids and their quest for quarters. We stopped by several more picking up little tid bit items here and there, but I still had not come across one of those "great finds of the day" yet. We were just about ready to call it a day and head home when I noticed a garage sale sign in our neighborhood and decided to swing by. And that's when these 2 little cuties caught my eyes! The pink one jumped out at me. It's a little bit rough and the hubby thinks she needs some TLC but I kinda like her just the way she is!?!
I also got this beautiful candle lite from that same garage sale. Can you guess how much I paid for all three items...the 2 cute night stands and this wall candle lite holder? Now I only wish I had a bigger home for all my little lovelies to live in.

Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm NOT Crazy...Maybe a little bit Obsessed?!

I am so addicted to garage's not even funny! My hubby is so very kind enough to support me in my quest to find the ultimate bargain. So usually first thing on a Saturday morning he gets online to scope out listed garage sales that sounds like they have potential. He basically looks for anything listed that sounds crafty...anything that he thinks I can take on as a project.

A few weeks ago we went to an Estate Sale, as soon as I walked in the door this adorable little medicine cabinet caught my eyes. I kinda liked it already worn in but saw more potential in it... perhaps painting it a pale baby blue? It's just been sitting here on my table waiting to be put to good use. Still brainstorming on what exactly I want to do with it. I better think of something fast cause you know what tomorrow is? Saturday...which means more garage sales to be visited, more treasures to be found and more projects underway.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am so Distress[ed]!!!

I have recently become a Tim Holtz fanatic! I got so excited after seeing that one of the major chain craft stores was carrying his products. This week I went crazy with all the "Distress Ink" color pads. I had a coupon that I was able to use which justified me going bananas purchasing more than one. I am so excited to put them to good use.

hmmm...what project from my list should I work on next?! I can't make up my mind...I'm so "Distress"[ed]!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

-Inspiration Box-

I got this idea from one of the local stamp shops in the area. I was unable to attend the class so I decided to make one myself. I fell in love with the project cause it combined 2 of my faves: 7Gypsies paper and Tim Holtz "trinkets" as I like to call it. I think it came out pretty good considering this was my first attempt at such a project. I also made a few motivational cards to put inside with inspiring messages and images. I have a few ideas of what I would do differently next time. Live and learn right?


Hello everyone and welcome to my world. I started blogging over 3 years ago when my daughter was first born. Had a lot of fun with it so finally decided to start one for myself where it would tell the story of my life and not about my family life. I'm real excited to see my little site take off as I build my place from scratch. This is just the beginning...I'm anxious to see where it'll lead me!

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More soon to come...