Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Project-A-Day for 31 Days ~ Day 7

My oh my! I can't believe Christmas came 'n went just like that and now already decorating for Valentine's Day?! I visited two local craft stores this weekend looking for more pretty ribbon to use in a project and was inspired by all the glittered decorations! I was a bit late putting up the Christmas decor this year so I'm planning on leaving it up a few more weeks until I transition over to Valentine's Day. So today I made a Valentine's Day card.

The Art Philosophy Cut-outs used were :
  1. The Card on pg. 65 of the AP handbook
  2. The Swirl Filigree layer featured on pg. 59
  3. And of course the Rose cut-out on pg. 69
I also used one of the stamps that came in the December Stamp of the Month set.

Thanks for stopping by for a look! C-ya again real soon!


  1. This too is Lovely, Tricia! Enjoying the month of projects! You are one busy lady!

  2. love love love this card soooo pretty!

  3. Thank-you lovely ladies for stopping by my blog! I really do appreciate your kind words and sweet remarks!