Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Have an Obsession With Tim Holtz ~

I have a little secret to tell you! Come in a little bit closer.
I'm obsessed with Tim Holtz! Shhh...don't tell anyone!!!

I absolutely LOVE his flair for style. I must admit my collection is a bit excessive. I have a whole drawer dedicated to just his doo-dads and embellishments. I also have quite a collection of his stamp sets and paper packs as well. I have been collecting for quite some time now and I am VERY excited that a lot of the major chain stores carry his stuff now which means I can use a coupon! Yay!!!
One of my MUST-HAVE items is his Foundation Box Feet. It adds so much spice to a project! It is something that I carry in my supplies always! I used these on my "Rock the Block" set a few days ago. I'll be sure to point out in my projects when I use his stuff so you too can become obsessed with his things as well. ~ LOL

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