Saturday, December 31, 2011

"How Do You Get Your Roses to Look Like That?"

The other day I met a very Lovely lady and had the pleasure of chatting with Carol for a while and she was telling me about how she likes to do "Quilling"? I've never heard of it before but once I did a quick search on my iphone and googled it I realized that I had seen quilling projects before but never knew the term for it? So after spending several hours visiting with her I decided to stop by the local craft store to pick me up one of the quilling tools.
~ And this is what I use to make my roses come out looking so nice. Be sure to get the one WITH the slit and not the one with the tapered tip which is basically like my paper piercer. I don't need another one of those! ~ LOL

Have FUN and Enjoy making your pretty Roses!

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  1. Thanks for posting these Tricia! It will sure help me know what I am looking for! :)