Sunday, December 11, 2011

All This Needs is a Little Bit of -TLC-

Greetings everyone! I would like to apologize for being absent from my blogging upkeep! I don't know if all of you have heard that I started up a group page on FaceBook that is dedicated to all things Cricut. The name of the group is called, "Made This With My Cricut"! FUN huh? So I've been really busy trying to get that site running smoothly and ironing out some of the kinks. I've had no time to post anything new lately and haven't used my dear old' Cricky Machine in a while! But hopefully sometime this week I will be back on track!? I have a couple fun projects that I'm excited about making and sharing with all of you. I am also looking into possibly making tutorial videos that so many of you have asked for. Please bare with me as I get ready to launch this whole new side of blogging for me!

In the meantime you can always visit with me on my personal FaceBook page!/pages/The-Queen-of-Hearts-from-Close-To-My-Heart/294319380595199

Or find me floating around on my group page ~!/groups/229165783818687/

Thank-you for stopping by & please come back for a visit real soon! Also if you wouldn't mind leaving me a comment after this post just to let me know you were here! I'd greatly appreciate it! - Smootchies!

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  1. Loving the Facebook group, and I totally understand about ignoring the blog! Life happens! Thanks again for the group!