Sunday, April 3, 2016

Let's Bring Birthdays Back! how many of you actually send out a birthday card to your family and friends when it comes around to their special day? honest now!  Truthfully I am completely guilty of lacking in that department.  Most of the time I either send a quick message via text or post a birthday message on Facebook. Well...NO MORE!!!  I know personally I LOVE receiving actual cards in the mail.  I get excited when I see happy mail in the mailbox addressed to me...something other than bills and junk mail.  So...if I want more Happy Mail then I should send out more Happy Mail of my own right?  Have you seen or heard of the cool new movement that Stampin' Up! has introduced recently?  If can read about it here - #imbringingbirthdaysback .  I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with this wonderful concept.  So I have been working on a variety of different birthday cards to have ready for when another special birthday rolls around.  I am super excited to see this movement take off and spread around the world.  Who's with me?

Here's a picture of the cute stamp that Stampin' Up! has created.... 

You can get yours today too over HERE

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